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Vale - Beverly Deabe  20th Dec 2021


Beverly Deabe, wife of long time member Tony (pictured on left), unexpectedly passed away 20th Dec 2021.   Beverly had been under the loving care of Tony for some time at their family home of many years.

All the Woodies share their condolences to the family, as they lay Beverly to rest on 31st Dec at St Gerard's North Dandenong.

Tony is one of the quiet achievers of the club, best known every Thursday for opening the Club as a keyholder.  

In fact, by count, it would be that he's opened the club over 500 times now, since picking up that role in May 2011, after joining the club only 9 months prior.


An email notice sent to Members, yielded dozens of heart-felt replies, tributes, and condolences from many KDWC members.  These were compiled into an overall letter of condolence and delivered to Tony's home, which he found some welcomed relief by hearing from all his 'Woodies' mates.

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