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Technical - Workshop Notes
2023-10  October

2023-10  October

“Using a Record Power Whetstone Grinder"

by Gary Pope

Refer as well, to the very informative summary of 'grinding' presented by Club Member Bruce James last July at

Enlightened by his discussion, the Club purchased a Record Power Whetstone Unit, and it is recommended that Members follow the tips in the following videos before attempting use.   The unit is mounted in the middle of the Woodturning room at the Club.

The unit was supplied by local representative of Record Power: MMVIC.  See details at:

The Club's Library computer has a set of 5 videos that well explain, in detail, all the features of the WG250 model purchased.    But here are some more videos, that Members, and other interested Woodies, can watch at home.

Firstly:      A review from Australian Wood Review Magazine:

Secondly:  A promo on the WG200 and WG250 models from Record Power

Now for the tuition movies

Know-How Series: How to get the best from your WG200 8" Wet Stone Sharpening System: 
(similar to the 10" WG250 unit at the Club)

Part 1:

Part 2:


Happy and Healthwoodworking with your Grinder!                                  

Gary Pope 0408 994 799                      

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