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Life Members

Honorary Members

Life Membership is the Club's highest award, and is made only at an AGM, to an existing financial member, who has demonstrated outstanding contributions to the Club over time, beyond any role they may have been appointed to, in appreciation for going that extra mile for the Club.   Awards are documented in the newsletter that is published after such AGM's (typically the November editions following an October AGM.)   

The award comes with the benefit of a lifetime membership reward.  The adoption of 'Model Rules' as the new Constitution on 4th July 2018, allows more flexibility in the awarding of different Membership Status' compared to the former Constitution.

Wally Tew      (late)
Alf Stephens  (late)
Sergio Meilak
David Howell  (late)

Dick Kors  (late)   (Oct 2000)
Ed Lawer   (late)  (Oct 2001)
Fred Moore (late) (Oct 2002)

Peter Sleeman      (Oct 2004)

Bill Ide     (late)

Paddy McCann     (Oct 2007)

Peter Horsburgh (late)   (Oct 2008)

Bill Orpen            (Oct 2009)

Karin Orpen         (Oct 2010)

Charles Bruckner (Oct 2011)
   (in recognition, in part,  of his outstanding efforts as Secretary over the years)

Hughie Gaynor    (Oct 2012)
      (of recent note,  is his efforts in arranging grants, and the  dust extraction system)

Joe Semenow  (late)    (Oct 2013)
     (for outstanding services and craftmanship in the making of Rocking Horses)

Colin Stewart       (Oct 2014)
      (for his significant contribution to so many projects for so many years in the Club)

Gary Pope           (Oct 2015)
      (efforts with auditing, website sponsorship, and newsletter work. Member since 1991)

Willy Schlaf         (Oct 2016)

        (for outstanding services to the club and craftsmanship particularly in the carving section)

No nomination in 2017.

Note: New Constitution for the Club, 4th July 2018, based on 'model rules.'

Dick Webb           (Oct 2018)

         (for amazing project, maintenance, Kidz Korner and all round technical help since 2006)

the dynamic duo:

Albert Bak            (Oct 2019)  For continuous support and instigation of systems for the Club

Harry Deschepper (Oct 2019)  For thorough and meticulous documentation and Secretarial services 

No nomination in 2020 (due to COVID19 interruptions: March thru Nov)

No nomination in 2021 (due to COVID19 interruptions: Dec '20 thru Nov'21)

John Jackson          (Oct 2022)  For his Treasurer work and instigation of Xmas Toy/Gifts group
Hurtle Lupton
OAM JP (Oct 2022)  For his leadership and drive as both Member and former President
                                     gaining exposure and amazing sponsorships for the Club over man
y years

No nomination in 2023.

Honorary Membership can be awarded at any time, at the discretion of the Committee, provided a unanimous vote is achieved at a Committee Meeting.  For non-Members who provide a service of distinction to the Club, the award permits them to participate in meetings, but without voting rights. 


Whereas, for an existing financial Member, who has provided a service beyond the call of duty, the award elevates their existing voting membership and full rights, to enjoy future full membership at zero cost.

Carl Lutz

Nancy Stephens  (late)

Jean Whyte

Bill Hawley  (late)        (6/10/2004)

Ladislav Toman      ))   for joint efforts in 2012

Rodney Williams    ))    with the MicronAIR installation


Karin Orpen (6/10/2004)  elevated to LIFE Membership 2010

Gold Members

Gold Foundation Members

Gold Membership was an initiative back in the  Oct 1992 edition of the newsletter, when the Club sought to fund its expansion at  the time, and offered an opportunity to the members, to purchase a perpetual membership for 10x the current price.   Only 10 positions were offered.


Alf  Stephens (dec)
Sergio Meilak
Peter Howell   (dec)
David Howell  (dec)
Bill Orpen
Ivor Davies
Joe Seminow  (dec)
John Kors
Bob Sledge
Frank O'Connor

In 2010 at the time of the AGM, recorded in the OCT 2010 Newsletter , it was determined that any Foundation Member who had remained a paid-up member continuously since Foundation of 5/10/1988, would be granted similar 'Gold' membership status.

Susan Wood

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