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Technical - Workshop Notes
2022-07  July

SELECTRONIC (335 of 717) - Framed (Small Res).jpg

2022-07 July

Andre Cook project for Selectronic Pty Ltd AWARDS made with pyrography technique

Andre Cook,  the Club's Project Officer, was very inventive with the making of a huge number of AWARDS for local firm: Selectronic, locally in Knoxfield.  COVID19 prevented the Award's night occuring until only a few weeks ago, and this project was prepared back in May 2021, and has been kept under wraps till now.

Selectronics Media Manager, Paul Scott explains.
Facebook page: and website:

"The purpose of the event was to invite some of our most valued distributors and retailers from across the country and New Zealand to come and get a tour of our new building which we're now operating from, and to have a three-course meal along with live music and the awards for different distributors/retailers from different states and territories across Australia + New Zealand."

The construction process required Andre to come up with a means of branding the Firm's LOGO into the base of the award.   Of course, the awards themselves needed jigs and templates to replicate them to all be identical.  And so, Andre came up with the answer to that  as usual too!


The examples show the use of the jigs for positioning the different sides of the award pieces, for routing.   A Recess was made for routing out an area for the firm's bronze plaque.  Then another combination of spacers enabled the holding of the  award piece in position, for carving the fine decorative lines.

The actual branding is best seen in the short movie clip that follows.   Heat and pressure are the means of branding the bronze logo into the base of the award.

Cutting the blanks out on the Spida docking saw

Preparing and finishing the award with steel wool and polish

Here's a short movie showing the 4 second burning/branding operation in action!

SELECTRONIC (707 of 717) - Framed (Small Res).jpg
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