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A complete write up of the history of the KIDZ KORNER group,  can be fetched from the Newsletter Archives in edition:  Pg 8 - 10 
at:  APR 2018.  (Volume 30, No 06)

KIDZ KORNER’’ meets on Tuesdays  08.30 to 02.30. We build a number of simple kits, the current available ones are pictured.


The kits are produced in plain clean timber and can be decorated by the constructor at a later time. We attend the Stringybark and Knox festivals where we sell each one for a low price.


Not only is this fund raising for the club it also enables a child and some times an adult to build their own toy. We assist in the construction.


We also make ourselves available to provide the same function at libraries schools etc. by invitation.


We are always looking for members to join our small but enthusiastic group.

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