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General Woodworking


Many people join Knox Woodies to build toys, turn wood or participate in one of the other great groups within our club, but there are also those who join to build that one special project or to complete the myriad of projects around the home in a fantastic and superbly equipped workshop.


There are also those who simply like working with wood in numerous categories, be that building Australian rustic projects, replicating a classic wagon wheel or a abstract center piece or anything your heart desires. These are our 'freestyle' woodies, and you are more than welcome to join us at ANY of the clubs sessions.


For example the Wood Turners usually meet on a Tuesday night, which is great for the freestyles as most of the work benches and other machinery is not tied up. You also get to see the turners in action. Who knows, you may just 'freestyle' turn a pen or a bowl after being inspired, after all, being freestyle means making whatever you like! 


So take the virtual tour on this sight, or drop in and see what it is you are missing out on.


See YOU at the club!

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