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Vital Information for Members

Here's a summary of the most important CLUB contact, links, banking information 


suggestions for website/Facebook:
How to JOIN / or renew DUES
Interesting LINKS:             


Changing Personal Details
COVID19 Rules for Access

Newsletters: (latest)        
Monthly Technical articles   
Articles to Editor                
Facebook (invitees)            
Bank (Ref:name ID/purpose)       Bendigo Bank  (KCBG)   BSB 633 000   Acct:  1200 82748

Working with Children:       
                                                  45 Glenfern Road, FTG 3156 T:9758 4849;   and the occupational field is: “42:   

                                                  Sporting, recreational or cultural clubs, associations or movements”.
Vial Of Life (Medical card)   

CHAT with fellow Woodies:       (5PM Friday nights - or pick your own time slot)
  (reserved WED evening)             details:

Things You might not know:
Woodies CAN HELP each other:  
Special Tools and Accessories locations:    KDWC-_Special_Tools_and_Accessories_locations.pdf

Member Handbook:                   

Hope you're catching up with everyone on FACEBOOK

STAY IN TOUCH better! Join our private, service

managed by KDWC for all interested AUST/NZ “Woodies”

as well as KDWC financial members.

Go to that Facebook Group and click on the JOIN button.

One of the Club's ADMINISTRATORS will join you up.


This is a CLOSED Group for any AUST/NZ “Woodies”.
Unsolicited, inappropriate commercial matters unrelated to Woodworking matters, or any fellow member abuse of their genuine POSTS and interests on the FB Page, will not be tolerated. Our own KDWC Administrators control who is on this AUST/NZ Group. Any abuse can result in suspension

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