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KDWC NOMINATIONS for Committee for 2022-2023

To arrange NOMINATIONS FOR COMMITTEE electronically, where paper transfers are difficult during COVID19 restrictions,  this form has been provided.   It requires that a dialogue takes place between the NOMINATOR, the SECONDER, the NOMINATED Person,  and the SECRETARY in the first place,  to ensure details are correct on the form.  

Nominations for positions on the Committee,  can only be made by financial members of the KDWC,  as nominators, and seconders.   Filling in this nomination, will require three confirmations to be received and processed by the Secretary.   The NOMINATOR  must approve they have  submitted this FORM,  as too, will the SECONDER be required to approve they have seconded this nomination, and finally, if the NOMINATED PERSON wishes to accept such a nomination, then they too must email an ACCEPTANCE of the nomination back to the Secretary. 

When this form is submitted by the NOMINATOR,  a copy will be sent to all three people:  Nominator, Seconder, and the Nominated person, as well as a copy for administration purposes to the Secretary.   Upon receipt of the forms, each of the three parties must reply back to the Secretary to confirm they have indeed participated in this nomination process.


I, the under mentioned NOMINATOR, and Financial Member of the KDWC,  wish to submit this nomination for the Member below, for a position on the next Committee 

The above Member hereby NOMINATES the following Member for the following Position.  

NOTE:  Upon submission of this NOMINATION FORM,  the NOMINATED person will either

ACCEPT or DENY the nomination,  by way of a reply to the Secretary of KDWC.

I, the under mentioned, SECOND this nomination, and upon receipt of a copy of this nomination form, will further submit a confirmation of such 'seconding' to the Secretary of KDWC as validation

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