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Although the club is one big family, all members have their own reason for joining KDWC.

Some members make toys for disadvantaged kids, whilst others specialise in Turning Bowls or Pens and others might dedicate their talents to making fine or rustic furniture.

There are also those that join simply to complete the myriad of jobs around the house.  All welcome!

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Rocking Horses

Rocking Horses aren't just a project, they are an heirloom.

A piece of art that can stay in a family for generations.  Come join us in creating some history for your family.


Patience, Stamina and an eye for detail. If these are some of your traits you may want to join our intrepide crew of carvers. Join us as we slowly turn a blank wooden canvas into works of art.  


Whether you wish to turn a bowl, a coffee grinder a beautiful pen or anything else we have an excellent workshop with numerous lathes. We'd love you to join us.


Thursday morning is “Toy morning”. Come and join our group and make a wide range of wooden toys for various charities and enjoy the company of fellow woodworkers.


Tuesday morning is “Kidz Korner" morning. This group prepares kits that are produced in plain timber for children to assemble, paint and decorate.    It is a beaut group for new members to join, and get used to nearly ALL the equipment in the Club, and get to know many facets of woodworking. 

Kids Corner.JPG

Whether it be classic hand made or Rustic Australiana, our members produce some beautifully crafted furniture. There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you see your finished work of art.  

Got a job to finish around the house?

Need a Wooden Esky? (see above)

Would you like to make a decorative box to store those family jewels?

Well, whatever your fancy, KDWC has the tools and inspiration for you.

If you can make it from wood, you can make it better & easier at KDWC.

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