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Carving Group


A complete write up of the history of the CARVING group,  can be fetched from the Newsletter Archives in edition: 

Pg 5 - 10 at:  July 2018.  (Volume 30, No 09)



We meet on a Thursday night. It is a small group but gradually expanding. We all share a great liking and feeling for wood, in particular the carving types.

There are so many different ways you can create an object to your liking which then can be displayed somewhere in the home or given away.

Sometimes pleasure can be gotten by just using a whittling knife to make a small caricature or animal.


Create your own picture from a photo or old biscuit tin lid carved in relief. This can be done using any depth of relief. There is the way of carving in the round where you make a 3D copy of something.


Some people are enthused by chip carving, basically removing chips in a pattern to create a picture.

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