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Furniture Making

A complete write up of the history of the FURNITURE group,  can be fetched from the Newsletter Archives in edition:  Pg 8 - 10 at:  Aug 2018.  (Volume 30, No 10)


We should recognise the vision, passion and support provided in the way this group came about.   

The GROUP today, is the legacy of an idea put to George Knight  (left) when he first joined in Feb 2008, by fellow member: Bill Ireland.  George trained as a cabinet maker, and ran a very successful joinery business in the Knox area. It was proposed that a dedicated night be set aside to really engender interest for members to build furniture, and that they did!

The furniture making group meet on Thursday evenings.

It is an eclectic group who share a common interest in making furniture, if you are new to woodworking and have an interest in creating your own piece, you will be taught how to prepare your timber, the tools you will need and you will be taught joinery skills through making a simple piece of furniture.

If you have experience, come along to share your knowledge and enjoy the fellowship of other like minded people, also once you have completed the safety induction, as a member of the Knox & District Woodworkers Club, you can use the extensive range of machines at the club to complete your next masterpiece.

At the end of the evening, you can sit around and enjoy a coffee and cake and talk about all things wood.


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