Technical - Workshops Notes
("Members Helping Members")


This segment formed part of the Newsletters (each month on page 5),  but from 2022, it has been elected to moved the monthly technical articles to the Club's website,  to make newsletters more 'newsy' and allow Members to refer to pertinent technical articles of interest here.

Phil Spencer started this column when the Club required a team effort to put the newsletter together, and his inspiration and formidable technical talent, has brought many articles, plans, techniques and reference materials to the Club's attention spanning 2013 to date. Although now retired from the Club to pursue other personal interests in life, particularly photography, this section of the Newsletter is still tagged under his name. It is done so, out of respect to all the work he put into this segment for the benefit of current/future members, and serves as a reminder, indeed an influence, to strive to keep such sharing of information alive in the Club. And so, take on his lead from here on.   Click on the YEAR-MTH links below

2022-01 "January."      Summary of full year 2021 technical articles.