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Technical - Workshop Notes
("Members Helping Members")


This segment formed part of the Newsletters (each month on page 5),  but from 2022, it has been elected to moved the monthly technical articles to the Club's website,  to make newsletters more 'newsy' and allow Members to refer to pertinent technical articles of interest here.

Phil Spencer started this column when the Club required a team effort to put the newsletter together, and his inspiration and formidable technical talent, has brought many articles, plans, techniques and reference materials to the Club's attention spanning 2013 to date. Although now retired from the Club to pursue other personal interests in life, particularly photography, this section of the Newsletter is still tagged under his name. It is done so, out of respect to all the work he put into this segment for the benefit of current/future members, and serves as a reminder, indeed an influence, to strive to keep such sharing of information alive in the Club. And so, take on his lead from here on.   Click on the YEAR-MTH links below



2022-01 "January."      Summary of full year 2021 technical articles.   


2022-02 "February."     John Kors scroll saw blade storage and drill size indexing solution.

2022-03 "March."         Gary Pope CNC coding for Engraving a fixed depth cutting project.

2022-04 "April."           Gary Pope Restoring and Identifying a 120 yr old BAILEY PLANE

2022-05 "May."            Frank Collins' Handbag Cars and using child-safe food dyes for colouring.

2022-06 "June."           Gary Pope Outdoor Bar using Triton Router for Mortise/Tenon with Mini-Orb 

2022-07 "July."            Andre Cook  Selectronic Pty Ltd AWARDS made with pyrography technique

2022-08 "August."       Gary Pope compiled list of UNWRITTEN LAWS of the Club. Didn't you know?

2022-09-largeprint "Sept"    Large print 18font Verdana version:  "Woodies CAN HELP one another"

2022-10 "October"       Bill Orpen Making a Pool Cue Carry Case
2022-11 "November"    What makes the Toys/Gifts Group tick?
2022-12 "December"    Woodworking Equipment Maintenance


2023-01 "January"       Gary Pope:  Using a FENCE the correct way

2023-02 "February"      Gary Pope:  Making your table saw larger for cutting panels.

2023-03 "March"          Gary Pope:  Robertson's Screws can be your best friend for joinery

2023-04 "April"            Gary Pope:  Mortise and Tenon Joints - what's this all about?

2023-05 "May"             Gary Pope:  Clamps and Combination Squares to keep things straight
2023-06 "June"            Gary Pope (for Fred):  Making Chess pieces on a Lathe - even the Knights!

2023-07 "July"             Bruce James:  Tips for Sharpening Chisels

2023-08 "Aug"             VMSA:           Stern Reminder about Woodie's HEALTH

2023-09 "Sept"            Gary Pope:   First Firing of Laser on  CNC 3018 PRO

2023-10 "Oct"              Gary Pope:   Using a Record Power Whetstone Grinder

2023-11 "Nov"             Gary Pope:   Don't overcharge Lithium Batteries

2023-12 "Dec"             Gary Pope:   How Woodies can cover their tracks


             "Jan"              No article this month.    Time to read past issues over the Holidays

2024-02 "Feb"              Andre Cook:  Making COGS on a table saw

2024-03 "Mar"              Harry Deschepper:  Beauty of using a FLAT TOP Saw Blade - Bridal Joints
              "Apr/May"    No topic.

 "June"             Marjan Oczkowicz:  Making a useful AWL

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