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Online Member Meetings


Each Friday, 5PM, KDWC members are gathering to chat online in sheds with

**New conference tool goes live Oct 18th 2021**

You need to pre-arrange dates/times by email/phone.


INSTRUCTIONS to meet fellow Woodies in HOME Sheds

1) click on this URL:

    (for KDWC Woodies in their SHEDS)

    Clicking the above link on your mobile/computer will

    automatically browse to the conference session.


Before joining the actual video conference, do this:

2. Check your webcam is showing OK

3. Turn your speakers up nicely… OK!

4. Check your microphone is OK

5. ALLOW Camera and Microphone
6. Enter your LASTNAME, First name … do this NOW
    (option: append mobile for contact)

7. Before joining (the wide blue button)

    use the bottom right COG icon to

    check all the SETTINGS for 2,3,4 above

8. Now click 'JOIN MEETING' blue icon.

9. Use TOGGLE SCREEN to swap to ARRAY of
all faces participating.

10. MUTE/UNMUTE microphone as required.

If a meeting manager MUTES EVERYONE, it is because an announcement is being made to everyone. Then each participant can RAISE HAND ICON to ask to speak next, and THEN UNMUTE to speak. Otherwise there's just chaos.


Instructions: Click: ' instructions v3'



- be sure you are on a low cost internet plan, NOT a 3G/4G.

- turn your microphone OFF if other people are presenting

- use the left-side CHAT menu to type a questions

- A slow CPU speed tablet / phone may cause jerky video.

- enjoy using TOGGLE SCREEN button, to share around some other WINDOW (say a PDF, JPG, website) to others.
   This feature only works on PC's where you can see multiple windows (opened!) , unlike tablets/smartphones

- takes security seriously.     See

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