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Rocking Horse Making

A complete write up of the history of the Rocking Horse group,  can be fetched from the Newsletter Archives in edition:  Pg 8 - 14 at:  June 2018.  (Volume 30, No 8) 

Chronologically, the Group was headed and run as follows.

- Late Founder, Alf Stephens (Tuesday afternoons, 1992+)
- Len Elliott demonstration Sept 1993 and his instruction manuals.
   (Len provided great insight to design and building methods)
- Late Paul Phillips (photo on rear wall of “Joe Semenow Room”)
- Paddy McCann (around 1996+ on Monday Nights)
- Bill Longden   (Monday Nights)
- Joe Semenow (member since 1990/91) with

   Allen Brookes (Friday nights), and then with

   Late Bruce Allen
- Tony Truett  (Friday nights) with Late Bruce Allen
- Late Louis Smith took over Oct 2012 with Late Bruce Allen,

   until his passing in Feb 2015
- Peter Vermaas took the reigns May 2015, when Lou fell ill

- and in recent time, by Neil Harris


An acknowledgement to the work
of Len Elliott
(“The Rocking Horse Man”)

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