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Technical - Workshop Notes
2022-01 January.

2022-01 January, summarised the

Highlights of 2021 editions of “Ingrained” newsletter.

Jan: Solar went live in late December

Xmas gifts handed over in time for Xmas to locals

Club's digital and IT systems updated and documented

with security held offsite.

Phil Spencer donated a number of items to the Club

Feb: Spotlight on Pop's Shed in Chirnside VIC.

Phil Spencer donates a 'steamer' to the Club too!

Mar: Member Ties (new membership system) goes live.

Spotlight on Toys/Gifts Group

April: Spotlight on what the Woodies are doing at Club.

Continuing notes on sessions held on Fridays

Extracts of interesting articles being shared on FB

May: Spotlight on Kidz Korner group returning to production.

Club Thicknesser back in action after major shaft

and gearbox rebuild.

Highlighting the amazing DEMOS from Record Power

June: Club back into Lockdown on 27th May.

Membership reaches 175

Spotlight on projects done at Home due to COVID19

Jigs examples, and

FTG Library display of KDWC facilities.

July: Spotlight on 'Where to buy timber and tools”.

(A great resource for newbies to the Club)


Aug: What Members make, themselves, at the Club.

Visit OPEN DAY at neighbouring Berwick Woodies

Sept: Let's See It! (not Be-In-It). Virtual showcase.

Click this link to fetch it:

Preparation for a virtual AGM in Oct.

Lots of upgrades to Website for security.

Oct: Spotlight on Laser/Router CNC Engraving machines

Upgrade to for Virtual Meets

Updating 177+ OZ/NZ other Clubs newsletter links

John Freshney's huge list of woodworking resources

Review of Solar Panel installation results

Nov: Spotlight on Laser/Router CNC (2nd try! - a 2-in-1.)

Xmas Toys/Gifts plans for Giveaways to Community

Results of AGM held on 27th Oct 2021


Dec: Followup on using CNC Laser/Router – in ACTION!

Ongoing feedback from Friday sessions
Pictures of Handover of Xmas Toys and Gifts

Grants opportunities, outlined by John Freshney
Planning annual Auction 8th Dec.

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