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Knox District Woodworking Club -  EQUIPMENT SAFETY


From June 2018, John Freshney has been providing valuable tips on SAFETY in the "Ingrained" Newsletter.  (pg 4)


(1)   ALL MEMBERS are required to read, understand and agree to ALL of the equipment Safety procedures identified in each of the machine designations in the list on the left.  To SIMPLY VIEW  the whole lot,  click here for ALL-in-ONE.   

(2)   KDW-00 agreement is a document required to be signed by all members.
To easily View/print and sign it,  click here for KDW-00

or fill in and submit the ONLINE form at the foot of this PAGE.

The Knox and District Woodworkers Club Inc. introduced a safety awareness program to ensure the ongoing safety and well being of all club members. In scope, this safety awareness program covers all major equipment and safety concerns with regards to club owned machinery, equipment and processes. It also covers such areas as protective equipment and clothing requirements which are regarded as a minimum requirement while in attendance at the club.

The procedures listed below are intended for use as part of an induction, and can be read to a gathering of members where the designated safety member can expand on the definitions and explanations during a presentation.

It is appropriate to note the safety awareness procedures are NOT operating instructions but purely a safety awareness tool.

If you're interested in any of these, please download and read the safety procedures, stored in Adobe PDF format.  If you don't have the Adobe reader program, download it using the Acrobat Reader ICON at the bottom left of this page, install it, and enjoy the reading.    


Many thanks to Eric Butterfield for his tireless effort putting these together in 2008/09 (updated 2014)   **   (Gaz)


In addition, to the above,  regular tips on safety are provided in the Newsletter, thanks to John Freshney's help.  (2018+)

DISCLAIMER:  The Club lists these documents for use by members/readers to become aware of safety issues at their own risk and peril, and the Club takes NO responsibility for anything documented therein, implied or suggested in any way.




VIAL OF LIFE - could be a life saver!

 Here's a smart idea for personal use, not just when at the CLUB.  In the event of an accident, or falling into ill health,  have you given a thought to how FIRST RESPONDERS know your critical Medical Information?

To minimise Identity theft, whilst maximising the relay of vital information, consider placing this form folder under your Membership Badge with:

- Your name

- Your YEAR (only) of birth


- An emergency contact Number/Name of next-of-kin/colleague

- Key ALLERGIES or critical info like susceptibility to epileptic fit/diabetes

- Any vital medications that are needing in short time

- Name and phone number of your Family Doctor


Avoid too much other ID, in case the form falls into wrong hands.  They say households should have a Vial-Of-Life sticker on the front door, alerting Emergency Workers to know such info is stuck on the top right corner of the kitchen fridge,  or in your glovebox or wallet.    Fetch the form from:

Safety Awareness Procedures

Thanks for submitting! The date of this form will be added to your Membership record at KDWC.

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